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The Koh Samui Rental market

a very dynamic market

The purchase or construction of real estate (villa, house, guest house, condominium, apartment …) on the archipelago of Koh Samui has never been more important than in recent years. Most of these investments are made in order to be profitable in the short or medium term. For this reason, many future owners are starting a Vacation Rental business. A simple and effective way to have a return on investment more or less quickly. The craze for this type of investment is booming due to the many benefits that this destination brings in the eyes of investors. Indeed, in addition to having a favorable tax system, the island has a phenomenal power of attraction to foreigners, thanks to its quality and cost of living, its geographical location, its climate, the beauty of its beaches and its lands, its health structures … Read more of this very complete article (in french) on the Kohlidays Blog, which we invite you to consult.

The holiday rental market, in general and globally, is expected to supplant the hotel market in the 2020s. See the article on

However, do not shout victory too quickly, because it is not enough to buy a property on Koh Samui and put it in short-term lease for it to fill with vacationers and make a fortune. Indeed (see the infographic below), the supply of accommodation on Koh Samui becomes very important and as everyone knows, as there are more shares, the market shares of each decrease.

The Short-Term Rentals / Holiday is becoming more and more professional and requires skills of Hospitality, Management, and of course, Marketing. Customers are becoming very demanding in terms of services and prices offered, and as you surely do when you travel, they look at the comments left by previous customers. “Airbnb”, for example, tells you very clearly (as a Host) that if you have bad reviews – few stars – you will be relegated to the end of the ranking, which will ensure you, in fact, to not rent! Very concretely, there is a direct correlation between the quality of the comments you receive and your ranking on the rental platforms, and therefore on your occupancy rate. Know that on “Airbnb”, it is now possible to choose your Vacation Rental, using the search criteria Superhost! So, how do you do when you have just bought a property and you want to rent it without any commentary?

Our best advice is to give the management of your rental to a professional. You will go much faster on the dissemination of your property and on the expected results. See why and what solutions we recommend. But, if you have a lot of time in front of you and want to take care of it yourself, it is also possible. You will find many resources on Internet: “Smarthost“, “Learnairbnb“, “Airbnbsecrets” to train you to the techniques … in order to rent well.


every Airbnb data on Koh Samui

The leading rental data provider AirDNA has launched a state-of-the-art business intelligence product designed to professionalize the Airbnb Host community. Market Minder displays key hosting metrics for every Airbnb rental in the world, allowing guests to compete at the same level as hotel industry leaders. AirDNA datas can be viewed with a paid monthly subscription. Below you will find an infographic that we have made from some significant elements taken from our subscription.